Ultimate Consciousness - Reaching Above and Beyond the horizon

This course is designed to enable you to go past your fears of grief, anger, shame... into a more 'flow' state such as joy, love, gratitude of higher energy. From the image here you can see that we shall be moving from a contracted to an expanded energy state. This means that there will be  a transfer of energy.

As you can imagine to get out of a contracted state  you shall need energy. I recall how I was during those years of shame and guilt and I could not move a pin, my body feeling like concrete... Every day an ordeal to get through and certainly not a joy to be living in!

So on a path of energy transformations you go, to gain momentum, to change habits and create new neurological pathways for your own energy to travel through.

Hence, I created, a modular system enabling you to plug into it, at all levels that you personally may be on the relative energy scale, creating your own path.  

The journey is hardy, sometimes long, other times short, but so rewarding, illuminating your soul and shining brightly on your future. The path is yours to take no matter your age, sex or where you are right now in your life, the path awaits your footsteps...

Imagine negotiating through life, from a higher energy source... Life when you are in the flow is easy, effortless, serendipitous moments arise daily, and this becomes the new norm... Gone are the days when you can barely make it out of bed, stub your toe, hit your head, loose the button of your shirt, spill your coffee, traffic jam your way to the office - oh no those days are gone, you can wave bye bye to them for good! Here come the leaping out of bed, the sun shining, the birds singing, the coffee just right and you effortlessly arrive before the traffic jams for the 8 am meeting, smiling at the proposals you are about to blow their minds with...

Now, the Course Modules include:

  • Video, articles, images for not everyone learns the same way; 
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
    • It's not voohoo vodo stuff it's quantum physics, neurosciences, and thought controlling methods that go back to prehistoric times...
    • It's not about a program to follow, it's about a new way of life;
    • It's not about getting tools, it's about learning how to use them;
    • It's not about paying for another course, it's about the use YOU put it to;
    • It's not about putting gloves on, it's about accurately punching your way to get out of hell;
    • It's not about how meditation makes you feel good, it's about how it gives you strength from within.......
    • It's not about lies, tricks, ways and means, it's about the pure way, amazing love, forgiveness, light into the new ME.

Useful Resources

To help get you started, here are a few of our community's favourite resources: I know these books both have 'rich' in their titles, that they are both free  but they are more powerful than that and deal primarily with paradigm shifts that can be beneficial to you along your journey on this path :) ENJOY.

Napoleon HILL Think and Grow Rich  

Wallace WATTLES The Science of Getting Rich

Need Help? Hire an Expert!

I truly believe that mentorship is the only way. I personally have always had mentors on my own journey, be they magnetisers, energy healers or multimillionaire digital entrepreneurs, you need to be shown the way - reach out and we'll get you started.

Course Curriculum

About the instructor

Why Me

Catherine Guimard-Payen

Tis normal you should want to see my credentials before joining me in your new adventure... The thing is this course is the result of my own experiences.I don't recall how many years I lived in the contracted state of guilt, shame and anger but a very long long time where life was just so dark. I felt not trapped really - I forgotten how to radiate outward, how to simply BE. I had always been in personal development and pre-internet era I can assure you to read a book, or grasp a concept took some doing. Plus I did not even know that I was doing personal development as the ideas were not all under the same umbrella so sometimes you could be reading a psychology journal and other times some sociological book! Plus I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the specialised libraries in the university campuses to check out a reference for I had been a science graduate! So when the internet came into being for us, here in France 1995 onwards, it opened more doors than I could ever have imagined.When, down the road I found notions of the contracted and expanded energy states I really looked into it. Needless to say I spent thousands of dollars and zillions of hours researching, buying courses, reading books, seminars and anything I could to move into the expanded energy levels... The idea of Ultimate Consciousness came into being as this helped me so much get out of violent relationship (a 27yr marriage) and with all my digital skills that I had learned along the way (Digital Education Ninja for more info)The work was long and painful at times for you can not break free of your old habits overnight but nevertheless with this course my intention is to spare you some mental anguish!  I have put together the best of the best authors, speakers and my own insights so that you too can learn - stream lined!Dive in :)


5 star rating

Great Mentorship and Course

sarah burke

Catherine’s is a great mentor and her course is amazing, it is so informative and is filled with so much of her knowledge and wisdom. She provides some of th...

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Catherine’s is a great mentor and her course is amazing, it is so informative and is filled with so much of her knowledge and wisdom. She provides some of the most amazing resources throughout it, guiding you through different action steps you can take and implement in your life.. which all works towards guiding you towards achieving a higher vibrational state. She directs you to so many wonderful workshops and courses all around the world.. I'm excited to have these on my list to attend in the future. After my first coaching session with Catherine she helped me realize the importance of getting my website together for my local business. I have so much confidence in promoting myself locally now. Thank you Catherine!

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